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San Juan Capistrano Solar Panel Installers

Save the environment while saving energy and costs

PBC Development, Inc. has been serving the SoCal area with commercial and residential design/build services for more than 20 years. PBC Energy is a branch our company that is dedicated solely to the use of renewable energy sources that are both affordable and environmentally conscious.

We offer custom solar panel solutions to fit the needs of property owners all over SoCal both aesthetically and financially to help them eliminate their energy costs, save money, and be more environmentally friendly.

When you work with us, we work with you

Because your satisfaction matters to us

Our solar panel consultations ensure that you are getting the best energy and cost saving options for your home. During your free consultation our professional installation team will clearly outline how transferring to solar power will benefit you. We’ll advise you on the best product options, pricing, placements, and services so that you get the best value for your investment.

Solar San Juan Capistrano, California

Powerful renewable energy

We’re creating a cleaner, greener world

PBC Energy understands the importance of renewable energy and the positive impacts it has on a global scale. Each solar panel we install helps make a difference. That’s why we want you to love your solar energy solution as much as we do, and why we work so hard to bring you the best products and services on the market today.

Solar battery backup

Ask Us About The renewable energy tax credit!

PBC Energy is highly skilled in building custom solar panel setups for your San Juan Capistrano home, with the goal of achieving a net-zero electric bill. Planning on getting an electric car? We can figure that in to the design of your system and also install home EV chargers.

The government continues to offer a 26% tax credit on new solar installations through the end of 2022. Call us today for details!

Solar Panel Installation Process

1. Consultation

Let’s talk solar panels. We’ll meet you at your home for a consultation on the process, placement, and overall benefits of installing solar panels so that you can determine if it’s a good solution for your energy needs.

2. Estimates

The goal is to get you to that net zero number where you no longer have an electric bill. Everyone has different energy needs. We’ll provide you with an energy estimate, cost breakdown, and timeline.

3. Design

We customize the design the placement of your solar panels based on a several conditions., including your energy needs, aesthetic preference, and of course, where the sun shines the most on your property.

4. Plans & Permits

Once the design has been selected, we handle the plans, permits, and approvals from your local city. This is a major step in the process and one of the most difficult to navigate without expert knowledge.

5. Installation

Our experts install your solar panels in a matter of hours. We are fully insured and bring all the materials necessary to get your solar panels placed and working. We do a thorough systems check once installed.

6. Net Zero Energy

Wave goodbye to your electric bill! You’ll be set up to run your home off your renewable energy source. We’ll keep you updated on servicing needs and solar panel best practices from time to time.

Take the next step by scheduling your free consultation.